The City of Heritage Creek, Kentucky
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Welcome to The City of Heritage Creek

Heritage Creek logo.The City was incorporated in 1960 and was formerly known as The City of Minor Lane Heights. The Louisville Regional Airport Authorities began expansion in the late 80's and early 90's. Mayor and Council went door to door investigating the possibility of moving the entire city. The city limits of Minor Lane Heights along with unincorporated areas were to be purchased under a voluntary buy out. 

We now welcome you to The City of Heritage Creek located off scenic Cedar Creek Road in the south end of Jefferson County. The City of Heritage Creek has approximately Four Hundred Twenty single family dwellings. The City is overseen by Mayor and the residents are represented by six Council Members.

Official Ground Breaking & Dedication Ceremony


Four years ago we had a dream...

Through our persistence, our courage, and with the wisdom of others that vision has become our destiny.

We united together with our tenacity and the justice we well deserved to make our dreams come true. Through the help of our new friends we have found a new home together, A new City.

Our dreams are now a reality, Heritage Creek.

Thanks to our old neighbors for wanting to stay together, and welcome to our new neighbors that wanted to be a part of our new City.

A Community of Friends


Contact Information

City of Heritage Creek
8700 Justice Way
Louisville, KY 40229

502-239-2336 - Office
502-239-2370 - Fax


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